5 things top sales and marketing experts have in common

During the last 20 years in business I am so grateful to be in the position where I have helped, and learned from so many world-class masters in marketing and sales. I have soaked up so much of their expertise. It’s been an amazing journey.

I have directly asked many of these experts what it takes to be a successful marketer, and what are the common mistakes they make. This is what I have discovered:


All top Marketers know their target market inside and out.  They have established their niche and studied their behaviours so they can sell to them more effectively.

They know exactly who their customer is, where to find them, how best to approach them and how best to engage with them in a way that is relevant.

This is all important to be able to build a successful relationship with their customers. Having knowledge on customers and not target marketing logically and effectively is the same as not having knowledge at all.  This is a cardinal sin of marketing. 

Take the time to really understand your audience!


Top marketers know the process of how test and learn, but fail fast!

Marketers do not want to see their valuable marketing budget lost on tactics that do not see a return on investment.  They need an appetite to take risks, fail fast and have a test, test, test mentality.

There is a great quote from American advertising creative director William Bernbach" A great ad campaign will make a bad product fail faster. It will get more people to know it's bad”

Leading marketers are able to define measurements, and have a strong ability to analyse.


Top Marketers keep an eye on their competitors so they can out perform them and work successful strategies to help advance towards being the market leader.

They have a hungry appetite to be better than their competition. This requires the mindfulness to think far ahead and take on the necessary team of experts to help position them correctly, to stand out, predict the next best action needed to crush the competition.

No top marketer will want the competition to do a better job than they are.


Top marketers fear the thought of customers no longer have a need for the product they are selling and are always thinking of ways to keep their marketing message fresh, alive, current and interesting.

By putting themselves in their customers shoes they are always aware and thinking “What does it all mean for the customer?”

When measuring success or evaluating after the event, it becomes clear where marketers have not done the appropriate amount of research, and evaluated and interrogated that research to really understand who their customer is.

Don't take your eye of the detail and don’t try to get too much across in one message. Less is more. Communicate with clarity.


Collaboration for amplification. Too many times we hear about companies working with internal silos. Teams need to work together for ultimate success.

A marketing campaign can sometimes resonate really well when seen, however how can you amplify that campaign for greater success? Be sure to utilise all available within your organisation to ensure every marketing channel available is in sync, and think about areas outside the 'marketing' team that also impact marketing.

Marketing 'thought leadership' is having a vision and clear direction that everyone can understand and follow