We are a B2B Direct Marketing company that will help grow your business!

Effective marketing for SME’s and Entrepreneurs.

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Imagine what more quality leads and contacts would mean for you and your company.

You know how every company has something to sell,
but could probably do it better? Well, we are the people that help do it better!

A new approach that will make you feel like a marketing rockstar

We help forward-thinking go-getters with a business-growth mindset improve their sales and marketing with services that create business opportunities

We will help you sell more and get your seen, understood and remembered by your important audience!
  • We will save you frustration from ineffective marketing!

  • We will save you wasted time, money and missed opportunities!

  • We will help you crush your competition and amaze everyone!

“A single response from the right person at the right time can change everything” 
Marcelo, Fuse Marketing

Nobody likes poor marketing results caused by weak messaging delivered to an uninterested audience!

Honestly, we feel your pain. We’ve been there. It's exhausting!


Here at Fuse Marketing we provide highly-creative, super-strong and amazingly concentrated marketing solutions that are effective in kickstarting sales conversations.

Watch our explainer video to see how we can improve your B2B sales

We will help take your B2B marketing to the next level, at an affordable price that will make you wonder “how do they do it?”

We help business go-getters increase sales by kick starting conversations with potential buyers.

We do this through our powerful Light the Fuse’ mini-campaign and our range of marketing services.

Let us help supercharge your B2B marketing

Your Websites

Your Messaging

Your Videos

Your Copywriting

Your Prospecting

"I couldn't quite believe how fast the Fuse team worked and the quality (and quantity) of the leads they delivered were very impressive. Their 'Light The Fuse' marketing campaign was well worth the money and very easy to roll out"
Nick Taylor
Managing Director | Noba WiFi

We've helped many companies with their direct marketing.
Here are a few...

Do It! Don’t Wish You’d Done It.

Like a shot of adrenaline straight to your business heart, we will power up your marketing and create an irresistibly compelling and persuasive reason for new customers to buy what you are offering

3 Month Package

£499 | $599499 per month
  • Identify your target market
  • Clarify who you are and what you are selling
  • Design the communication: messaging
  • Find x300 B2B contacts
  • Web SEO overhaul
  • Monthly Reporting

Work with us in 3 easy steps


Schedule a discovery call to discuss your current marketing and how we would work together


Fill our online ‘Light the Fuse’ Campaign Builder’ form where we gather the important info we need.


We go to work creating your 3 month mini marketing campaign that will kickstart sales conversations and optimise your website SEO.

Free guide ‘5 Pro-Tips for successful B2B Marketing’

Today’s highly competitive marketplace requires marketing that’s truly remarkable in order to cut through the competitive noise and be effective.

Engaging and interacting successfully with your important target audience is the secret-sauce to creating contacts, generating leads and growing your business.

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‘5 Pro-Tips for successful B2B Marketing’